Best Practices

These Best Practices offer important practical suggestions for the inclusion of a digital literacy component in existing LINC classes as well as for the set up and delivery of a stand-alone digital literacy course for newcomers. Programs and teachers who want to use the Digital Literacy Curriculum Resource should start by reading these Best Practices first, before reading the Instructor Manual and accessing the resource materials.

Instructor Manual

The Digital Literacy Curriculum Resource consists of 7 Modules covering a range of digital skills which are essential to building a foundation of digital literacy for newcomers working at Literacy to CLB 6 levels of English. Each Module contains a fully developed digital literacy lesson, digital task with self-assessment tool, PBLA task with assessment tool, and extra practice activities that learners can use on their own time to practice and strengthen digital skills once core instruction has been delivered. The Instructor Manual describes the curriculum resource in detail.

Instructor Guidelines

Part 1 - Best Practices

Part 2 - Diagnostic/Needs Assessment

Part 3 - Overview of Modules

Part 4 - Using the Curriculum in LINC

Part 5 - Using the Curriculum as a Course