Digital Literacy Support Package for Using Mobile Phones

More than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for newcomers to Canada to have a base of digital literacy to connect, to communicate and to access resources.  The Digital Literacy Support Package, funded by the Government of British Columbia’s Immigration Policy and Integration Branch | Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness, was developed to provide a method and materials to help newcomers who only have access to a mobile phone to develop and practice critical digital skills for accessing Settlement services remotely.

The Support Package consists of 5 units:

Unit 1

  • Basic Phone Skills for Android: Lesson and Visuals
  • Basic Phone Skills for iPhone: Lesson and Visuals
  • Basic Phone Skills: Extra Practice Activity
  • Connecting to WiFi: Extra Practice Activity

Unit 2

  • WhatsApp for Android: Lesson and Visuals
  • Using WhatsApp: Extra Practice Activity
  • Telegram for iPhone: Lesson and Visuals

Unit 3

  • Zoom for Android: Lesson and Visuals
  • Zoom for iPhone: Lesson and Visuals
  • Using Zoom: Extra Practice Activity

Unit 4

  • Navigating Online: Lesson and Visuals
  • Navigating Online: Extra Practice Activity

Unit 5

  • Gmail for Android: Lesson and Visuals
  • Yahoo for Android: Lesson and Visuals
  • Using Email: Extra Practice Activity

The Digital Literacy Support Package Overview, Best Practices and Guidance for Delivering Training document outlines key information and guidelines for implementing digital literacy support for newcomers who are using mobile phones to interact online. The Best Practices are essential to read prior to delivering digital literacy training with clients in order to create optimal conditions for success, for clients and the program.

Digital Literacy Support Package – Overview and Best Practices


For Teachers

Lessons with Visuals for Using a Mobile Phone

For Students

Extra Practice Activities on a Mobile Phone